3 Tips For Coaching Adults Tennis

Do you coach adults tennis? If so, here are 3 good tips for teaching them, they are easy to use and you should be creative, when implementing them into your lesson programs.

Let’s dive right into this information!!

1) Imprinting.

This is imprinting the image of the stroke on the student’s subconscious mind, it can be done through watching videos of the stroke for about 10 minutes or so.

They can then start doing some shadow swings very slowly after they watch it.

You may want them to work on the shadow swings for a longer period of time, to make sure they have a good FEEL for the stroke, that they are working on.

We will talk more about FEEL in just a moment.

For now, keep reading.

2) Movement.

Most adults move better off the court, than they do on the court!!

Strange, isn’t it?

This is why you have to get them to move in a more natural way or should I say, “Get them to move as though they were off the court. “

I have watched students look at themselves on video and look back at me and ask something like.

“Is that me on the screen”?

It’s really a mental thing with them, so use dynamic drills, before you start doing the repetitions in your lessons.

Okay, for your last coaching tip.

3) Feel.

When your adult students are working their repetition on court, impress upon them to focus on FEEL, when doing them.

Tennis is game of finding the ball, with your racket and getting your body into the best position to hit it and then, feeling the shot, until you finish the shot.

Adult students, who are struggling to learn the game, are guilty of doing 2 things on court.

“One is, they don’t get enough repetition in during their lessons and the other is, they don’t focus on feel, when they are doing the strokes.”

Feel is actually the most important tip for adult tennis students to work on, because you can do a tons of reps and if you aren’t feeling the shot, you are not going to discover that stroke.

Those are 3 great coaching tips that you need to use in your adult lessons.

Be creative in the way you implement them and test out different ways to use them on court.

I should add 1 more tip too.

Make sure that your adult students are adjusting their swing, after every repetition that they do.

Let your students know that, by adjusting their swing after every rep, their stroke will start to take a shape, so all they need to do, is get out of their own way and allow the process to happen.

And I will be talking to you coaches soon.

Take care!!

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