Franklin Sports Advanced Badminton Set is the Best Choice

Here is a perfect kit for an advanced badminton player. This set contains with it all the necessary materials to play an official badminton game. This set is also suitable for a garden play between friends and also for picnics. Since the kit comes with an easy carry over bag, you can easily take it to places. All the materials in the kit are of very less weight so no need to worry if one can carry this kit. This kit weighs only four pounds so this is easy to carry over to places. This kit basically contains all the materials to play a badminton game. This is best suited to be played as a doubles game since this kit comes with four badminton rackets. These rackets are all made up of tempered steel which gives high strength to the racket.

The racket has Hi-sheep Tight string stringing, soft touch padded grip, tempered steel shaft and of official size and dimensions. So this gives the experience of real game play. The strings are of high strength and so they are tied with high tension to make the mesh perfect place for cock landing and hitting the cock hard enough. The shaft is made of hard tempered steel so that it is so strong for rough handling while playing. The weight of the racket is very less but it is very tough. Hence it is unbreakable. The handle is made of correct proportion and of soft grip that gives comfort to the hands of the player. They do not hurt the player’s hand when he tries to smash the cock. These points prove the effectiveness of the racket provided.

The Net provided is very easily mountable one which comes along with poles for mounting and also net clips that helps to set up the net in no time. The net has the dimensions of 20′ X 2′ X 1.5″. it has 1.5 inch tape. The poles provided are decided in such manner so that they are easily fixed since they are not cylindrical but octagonal with 1.5 inch diameter. The shuttle cocks provided are of high quality grade A types. The kit contains 2 such cocks with it. The cock is very tough so it can withstand the pressure exerted by the racket over it. The ground marking tools are best in this kit.

The Advanced Badminton set features an easy mounting system that assembles in minutes, with no tools required, so it can be set up in the backyard or at the beach. Along with the net and poles ground marking tools are also provided which consists of Official badminton boundary marker kit includes 4-flags, 4-hooks and 130′ of cord, 6-yellow styrene stakes and tape. The flags can be placed in the four corners along with the four hooks with the help of which we can pull around the long 130′ string. Overall this kit provides a great gaming feel.

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