Growing Your Tennis Community

I was back home about 5 years ago and went to my old tennis courts and was shocked at how the courts were being neglected by them.

They weren’t even playable and kids were using them to play soccer and other activities that kids do at parks.

I have also seen courts at other parks that were not being kept up.

So here are a few ideas that can help these parks and the communities to keep their courts in better conditioning and also grow a solid tennis community.

I doubt they are having this problem at the higher end clubs in the US, so they won’t have to read this article.

The first thing that they should do, is get the state or the USTA to donate some money for keeping these courts playable.

How about giving some free clinics to local kids and give them a chance to learn the game and hopefully grow a passion for playing the game.

This would be my selling point to them.

“I would get local park directors to get some news attention and that will put pressure on them, to act in their own best interest and help these communities out.”

Now as for as maintaining the courts, they need to be work on daily or weekly from park officials.

I see tennis court here in Japan, that aren’t being used and aren’t being kept up daily.

In Hawaii, the locals park directors kept the courts full and they also all pitched in to keep the court clean and playable everyday.

So, that is my second tip.

Have everyone work together to maintain the courts.

My friend in Hawaii, would have a BBQ and ask local players to come out and help out and eat for free.

This was also a great time to get more new players for the park.

The park manager can have them sign up for a free clinic or a tennis league.

They have to have someone in charge that is passionate about building a huge tennis community in their area.

It’s all start there and then it will transfer into the whole community and people will start coming out more and participating in tennis events.

I still live in Japan, so I don’t know what they are doing to keep the courts in good shape in the states, so I hope the problem has already been taking care of.

Tennis growth can double is the US, if we just work together, in each one of our own community and share our ideas and help each other in the process.

We all need to be promoting tennis more in our communities.

So,I am asking all tennis lovers out there.

Help me out and do your part!

Let’s grow our tennis communities!

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