How to Choose the Right Laptop for School

Laptops are computers which are very portable and small in size. It’s small enough to fit in your backpack. It weighs between 2-5 kilograms (4-8 pounds). The weight depends on its size, hardware and materials which are used to make.

Today, these laptops/portable computers are reining the technology industry as they are portable and functional as desktop computers. Nobody nowadays can live without a laptop. As it has become an essential tech device without which we cannot live a single day. Millions of people are using these portable computers for different purposes. And its demands are getting sky high day by day. It has broken all the limitations and boundaries that we were stuck with desktop computers.

Why it’s necessary for students?

If you are a student of the 21st century, then you can’t think of your study without a laptop. It has become a must have thing for students of this era as it has made a study more easy, innovative and interesting. It works as an assistant for students all the time. Students can use laptops for different purposes such as reading, writing, thinking, analyzing, calculating, drawing, researching and so on. They can do multiple works at the same time.

Varieties of laptops

There are different types of laptop available on the market today. Such as notebooks, ultra books, chromebooks, cloudbooks etc.


Notebooks are usually lightweight and small. They are very much light and easy to carry anywhere. The weight is between 2-5 pounds. They are same functional as some other big size laptops, but slightly less powerful. They are usually made for some light tasks such as official works, light browsing and simple tasks. They are absolutely perfect for students, but they are slightly more expensive than normal ones. But it’s absolutely fine for those who want both quality and performance. The pricing is around 500-1500$ US dollars.


Recently, chromebooks have become undeniably popular with varieties of models available. This thing is getting more popular as it is very cheap compared to other laptops. The price range is around 150-300$ US dollars. The chromebooks are running Google’s Chrome OS. But recently, with the launch of Windows 10, a new possibility has opened up. Windows 10 is about to hit all the inexpensive chromebooks very soon. Microsoft is now aiming at chromebook markets. Those who don’t have a big budget, chromebooks are a great option for them.


Acer is the name of a big company when it comes to laptop computers. As Google made an entry in laptop market by creating inexpensive chromebooks, so Acer is moving in the same path with the idea of cloudbooks. But these cloudbooks will run Windows 10. It will run Intel’s chipsets instead of mobile SoCs as the chromebooks. So, there will be a slightly better boost when it comes to performance. But it will be slightly more expensive than the chromebooks. The pricing will be between 250-400$ US dollars.

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