How to Get Rid of Stubborn Stains From Your Favorite Outfits

Whether you are at home or out, you are always on the target of stains ready to spoil your favorite dress, despite of your hard endeavors of protecting them from getting spoiled. The problem of stains attacking clothes is complex with light color outfits, making it difficult for you to wear that outfit for next time without removing them. The situation of fighting with dirty clothes could be quite critical if you have children at home. As it is difficult to stop children from playing and then rubbing their dirty hands on their clothes, washing of clothes and struggling with stains is not less than a war for their parents.

The problem of removing stains becomes more complex if they are of stubborn nature and it requires hard efforts to clean them, and do you know this problem of getting clothes spoiled from stains is common with both children and adults. If you have any doubt on this statement then you can witness lots of your activities where you would have got your clothes caught by such stains which are difficult to clean. For instance while eating, although you are enjoying your meal properly but suddenly spoon from your hand falls down and creates picturesque art on your outfit from the gravy of that food. Well, this is just all illustration of a bull-headed stain there are various activities from which we can get our clothes dirty by stains.

In coming paragraphs we will be focusing on such stains which unintentionally spoil our clothes.

Stains of Food: If you are food freaky then there would be hardly any of your garments, which would have not miss the privilege of having food stain on it. So, now next time if you find any food stain on your cloth, rub it with some plastic knife to scrape it. Once you have done this, rinse the cloth in the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap and scrape it again. Now, spray the dish soap over the spoiled portion of your outfit. After completely dropping the cloth in dish soap, apply ice-cube to let the gums of stain freeze and then scrape the frozen gum with plastic knife again to completely remove the stain. Anyhow, if still there are any marks of stains over the cloth, use glycerin over it and scrape it again. After you find that all the stains have been removed from your outfit, rinse them in your regular detergent and wash them smoothly.

Grease: Do you know an interesting fact about human nature? There is a mechanic hidden in all of us and therefore whenever there is any problem in our vehicle, instead of getting its problem rectified by mechanic we try to sort it at our end. In this endeavor, although we even succeed in doing this, but at the same time we also get our clothes spoiled by the marks of oil, grease etc. To get rid of such stains, just apply eucalyptus oil over the spoiled portion of the cloth and rub it strongly to clean those stains.

Blood Stains: Stains of blood on your beloved outfit can make pull you away from wearing it next time. If you have any such outfit in your wardrobe apply few drops of hydrogen peroxide over it and scrape it. Within your minutes your favorite dress will be again ready for wearing during the party. However, while doing that it would be better to know about the reaction of hydrogen peroxide over that cloth, so as to avoid any kind of damage to the whole outfit.

Stains of Lipstick: To remove the stains from your favorite skirt, jacket or gown, you just need to dab the stain in denatured alcohol and rub the same with some soft piece of cloth and then rinse it your regular detergent. Anyhow if marks of lipstick are stubborn then you can use stain stick to scrape it.

Rust Stains: Rinse the clothes with rust stain in the mixture of one part of salt and two parts of lemon juice for two to three hours, and then wash them as you normally wash your regular clothes.

Gum Stains: To remove the stains of gums you can either apply ice-cubes over the affected area or place in the freezer to freeze them. After that scrape the spoiled portion with knife by using soft hand and rinse it in cool water for regular wash.

Stains of Ink: Stains of ink is one of the common problems from which every person whether they are school or college going students or working people, all of them suffer from ink stains. There two ways to get rid of these stains, if the mark of ink is fresh, apply few spoons of milk over it and get the stain absorb it. But in case if the stain is older, then apply hairspray over it and scrape the spoiled portion of your cloth. Once the stain is removed, wash it gently in warm water.

Yellow Stains: Like ink stains, yellow stains under arm is also one of the common stain problems from which every next person among us suffers from. The problem becomes stiffer during summer season. To make your clothes free from these stains make a mixture of water, baking soda and peroxide in equal ratio and rinse the cloth in the mixture for thirty minutes, after which you can remove the stains with help of soft brush and then wash the cloth with your regular detergent.

Tea or Coffee Stain: To remove these stains you need to make a solution of detergent and warm water and keep it untouched for almost fifteen minutes and then rinse your clothes in that mixture. If still you find the residue of stains on your then apply few drops of alcohol over it and sponge then again wash it in cool water.

Urine Stains: If you infants at home, then you must be definitely suffering from the stains of urine on their clothes which not only smell badly but also make clothes of your kids look dirty. To remove these stains you can either use of chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach to clean these stains and let your kids wear bacteria free neat and clean clothes.

Apart from above, there are various stain types which despite of various efforts are hard to clean and which on contrary waste your valuable time. At that time you might feel to either buy a new outfit or to donate the same to someone needy. But, this is not going to solve your problem as next time again you will have some new stain at some new spot on your dress.

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