Ruthless Marketing For Tennis Coaches

I hope you guys are enjoying the summer about now and also working smart on your private coaching program.

If things have been slow for you, don’t take a vacation, instead work through the summer and focus on creating your own economy for you and your family.

“Today’s topic is about how to hit your student targets every month. “

Make sure you set monthly targets for getting new clients, and then break them down into daily activities.

Speaking of which.

You will need to develop a ruthless marketing attitude for growing your coaching program.

I’m not talking about taking advantage of anyone or anything like that.

I’m talking about being relentless with your marketing everyday, until you start hitting those targets every month for growing your program.

By doing this.

You will develop more self-confidence and faith your yourself and your purpose.

Here are a few tips for you guys.

A). Study the competition More.

Spy on other coaches and clubs that are doing well in your area, then adopt some of their systems and tweak it to fit your own program.

Check out their systems, and see if they can work for you as well, but in a different type of way.

Learn as much as you can from them and steal it all.

I wonder why more coaches don’t do this either.

When dealing with the competition, you must be ruthless in working smarter and harder than them, but at the same time, learning all you can from them and respecting them.

B). Have 10 opportunities working for you at all times.

That’s right.

You need 10 and you need to have 10 all the times.

Load up your pipeline and make it over flow with opportunities for you.

I’m in the process of doing this online myself.

“With article marketing and content creation and you need to be sending out mailers, speaking, networking, sending cold emails, cold-calling and following up everyday and all day. “

The idea here is that,

“If your private coaching program isn’t where you want it to be right now, spend 14 hours a day, working of getting it THERE!!

I’ll leave you guys with this story for more inspiration for new week.

When I first quit the club I was working at, to start my own private coaching program, things were slow for months and then one day, I taught a private to a self-made millionaire and was complaining to him about my situation.

He answered by asking me this gut hitting question.

How many hours did you prospect yesterday for new students?

I said, “Maybe 2 at most”.

He replies back to me.

“Thomas hustle your face off for 14 hours a day to grow your coaching program and do it for 1 year, then come back and talk to me my friend”.

I follow his advice that following day and it did work!!

That is what ruthless marketing is all about.

Before I let you go, I want to ask you guys the same question.

How many hours did you market your business yesterday?

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