Teaching Kids Tennis

Do you teach kids tennis at your club?

If you do, remember that the first lesson, that they have, is the most important one, so make sure that they have a great time with you.

Teaching kids is fun, but you have to like working with them, because if you don’t, they will know it and fell it and you will have just blown a great opportunity to bring a new kid into this great game of ours.

Which is really the problem that is facing tennis right now as I write this article.

Most of the coaches who are teaching kids, either don’t like it or are being forced to teach them.

“For those coaches who are in that situation, my best advice for them is stop and tell your club owner to let someone else do it for you.”

Now, for you coaches who actually like working with kids.

Here are a few tips that can help you.

1). Have more fun the kids.

It’s their first lesson, so make the lesson 80% fun and 20% about tennis.

The goal in the first lesson for kids is to get them to develop a passion for the game.

This is also why you should be coaching the lesson with as much passion as you can, because they will feed off yours and catch it themselves.

2.) Be SUPER positive

Your attitude will affect them in so many ways.

I see coaches teaching kids with no life here in japan and I just want to walk out on the court and ask them, “What are you doing”?

Anyone who is teaching kids tennis, has to do it with a great attitude or they are wasting their time and the kids time.

3). Keep Them Moving

No standing around on court.

“Kids like moving and tennis is a moving sport.”

Your job then, becomes to keep them engaged and moving at all times.

Be aware of their movement in your lessons and quickly get them moving again at those time, if things do slow down.

Your lesson should look something like this.

Warm-up (Game based)

Fun drill (Get creative here)

Games (Team relays are great for them)

Break your lesson down into those 3 parts and plan for them in detail.

I would keep kid’s tennis lesson to around 40 minutes for the younger ones.

For the older kids, you can teach them for an hour, but don’t go anywhere over that, because they want be able to hold their concentration for that long.

The key to making sure you are prepared for your kids lesson is to over prepare for them.

What I mean by that is,

Have more drills and fun games than you think you will need.

Then start the lesson strong, grab their attention from the get go and hold it throughout the lesson.

Oh yeah.

Finish the lesson strong and have them wanting more at the end of them.

If you can do that, you will grow your kids tennis program and you will also grow the game of tennis at the same time.

Thanks for reading!!

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