Tips on Getting Your PC to Speed Up

Nothing is more frustrating than having slow computer problems. It does not matter if your computer is brand new or several years old, they can have problems with loading pages, bringing up a website, or even connecting to the internet. Fortunately there are some simple solutions to speeding up your computer, and you do not have to be a computer genius either. All you need is time and patience because it could one of several things that could be the problem.

Use these slow computer solutions to speed up your computer.

• Detecting a virus-when downloading things from the internet you need to check on spyware and malware because when you download files from the internet you can also accidentally download a virus. If you have a lot of viruses in your computer’s brain it could cause you to have slow computer problems. The solution is to install good antivirus software and run it to get all of the malware out of your computer. You should also only download from reputable websites if possible and keep your virus software up to date. Have it run every day at a time you will not be using the computer to check for malware and any other viruses.

• Limited space-when downloading things from the internet most people will store it on the hard drive. If there is too much stuff on the hard drive it will slow your computer down. Delete any software programs, entertainment media files, and games that you no longer use and are just taking space on your hard drive. Once this is done your computer will be faster.

• Get rid of temporary files-there is generally a lot of unwanted stuff that is stored in your cache memory so make it a habit to delete all of the temporary files, history of websites you visited, and cookies at least once every two weeks. All of these unnecessary files can take up a lot of space on your computer. To use these slow computer solutions go to your Start Menu and select run. In the box there type (%temp%). This will show you all of your temporary files. You can select and delete what you want.

• Repair your windows registry-approximately ninety percent of all slow computer problems are because of window registry errors. Here there is a track record of all of the software found in your computer. With your frequent downloading people tend to pitch in many software entries that are unwanted resulting in a slow computer. You can increase your computer’s performance by using a registry cleaning program.

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